The Facts About Oregon Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is an optional expense until it isn't. One busted pipe and thousands of dollars in possessions destroyed are all you need to know that you were ill-prepared for the storm. Thankfully, Molina Insurance Group Inc. offers coverage to renters in Oregon.

Cheap is not always ideal

Many visitors are taken aback by the natural beauty that is Oregon to the extent of deciding to move to the state. They bypass the significant task of homeownership for an apartment rental in the city with hopes of saving money while getting the coveted balance between urban life and nature. Unfortunately, these tourists-turned-residents get the surprise of their lives when the weight of snow damages their humble abode and the landlord doesn't have enough insurance to cover their personal possessions. It is during these moments of despair that new residents realize the cons of bypassing extra indemnity.

Renters insurance is coverage when you need it

Those who go the safe route with a renters assurance plan have an additional level of peace in knowing that their possessions are covered in the unfortunate instance of fire, explosion, lightning, damaged caused by inclement weather, and a host of other unforeseen events. You may even receive a payout if the electrical wires in the building give way and destroy your belongings.

The landlord does not pay for everything

Some renters are under the wrong impression that insurance purchased by the landlord covers tenant possessions as well. Such is the reason why they view renters assurance as "extra" or unnecessary. The reality is that indemnity coverage purchased by the landlord only covers the structure and protects him against unexpected financial burdens. You, as the renter, are not included in his plan. Purchasing a renters insurance plan is the only way to protect yourself from natural and man-made disasters that neither you or the landlord saw coming.

We have plans

Molina Insurance Group Inc. has served the Beaver State for many years. Our agents are happy to answer any questions you may have as well as assist you in finding the right renter's insurance plan. Call us today for a quote!